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Hair Diploma Course 

Sri Lanka's Leading Hair Diploma Course teaching European theory and practicals, for you to gain a definite advantage as a professional hairdresser in Sri Lanka or abroad.



includes toolkit, examination and texbook (Payment plans available)

Course Life

Academic- 1200 hrs

Industrial - 960 hrs


Pass Ordinary Level Exams



3 days 

Course Vision

IHB's Hair Diploma Course will ensure you gain comprehensive theory knowledge plus practical skills in the latest European hairdressing techniques used globally, giving you a skill advantage to move up to professional level. The full set of modern hair skills you master will automatically help you gain the trust of your clients. This is extremely important, as together with the course's topics on salon ethics and personality, your clients' trust in your abilities will help you nurture long-lasting bonds with your clients. This will help you earn more and enjoy a successful career as a professional hairdresser in Sri Lanka or internationally. 

Job Opportunities

After finishing this course, you will be able to start a job as a Hair Salon Apprentice.

Your Salary will be approximately between ₹10,000 - 15,000. If you practice and develop your personality as well, you will be able to gain more and get salary increases faster.

Course Locations

You can conveniently start our hair course at our modern hair and beauty school located in Colombo. 

Course Subjects

Our Hair Diploma Course syllabus covers all the topics you need to become a professional hairdresser and enjoy a successful career. We have listed each of the 4 units in the Hair Diploma below, with the topics covered in each unit.

Mandatory Unit

Career In Hairdressing

We will guide you through all the options you have when choosing hairdressing as a career, and these options will ensure that you can create a career that is successful, that you love. 

Professional Attitude/Communication Skills and Client Consultation

One of the most important skills as a hairdresser is being able to handle clients and understand their needs closely, so you can give them the perfect service.

Skin, Hair, and Scalp

An essential part of being a successful hairdresser is being able to look after the hair and scalp health of your clients. We will teach you the science and physiology of hair and scalp so you will have a more in-depth understanding of the services you give, and you can give your customers helpful advice so they keep coming back to you.

Shampoo, Conditioning, and Head Massage

This is one of the most valuable skills that can be developed by any hairdresser. Providing a customer with an excellent hair wash and massage means that they will come back to the Salon looking for you.


Another important skill for any hairdresser is blow drying. By developing your skills to blowdry properly, customers will keep coming back to you. A good blowdry will make your clients look fabulous and keep them coming back repeatedly. 

Salon Reception, Promotions, and Retail Sales

This is essential for any hairdresser, especially if you have a dream of opening your own salon one day. These skills will set you apart while creating opportunities to earn more money in your career.

Hair Cuts and Chemical Treatments (Unit 2)

Hair Cuts

We will guide you and provide you with training on European standard hair-cutting skills and techniques, so you have the chance of being one of the world's best gradually.

  • One Length (long horizontal, short horizontal, diagonal back)

  • Graduation (Diagonal back, Low graduation horizontal/Parallel, vertical)

  • Increase Layers (Diagonal forward, Horizontal)

  • Reverse Graduation

  • Gents Hair Cut

Perms and Waves 

With multiple techniques for perms and waves at IHB, we teach you the internationally accepted and acknowledged techniques.

  • Directional winding

  • 9 section winding

  • End perming

  • Brick winding

  • Double winding

  • Piggyback

  • Stack Winding

  • Spiral Winding

Long Hair Design (Unit 1)

Styling Long Hair

We will teach you all the factors you need to consider when setting or styling long hair, so you can set the hair to make your client look and feel their best. 

Long Hairstyle Techniques

We will teach you basic but powerful hairstyle techniques that can be used for Indian Bridal, Western Bridal, Fashion, and Lounge hairstyles. This includes:

  • Twists

  • Knots

  • Roll

  • Overlap

  • Braid 

  • Draping

  • Chignon

Setting Styling and Blow drys

We will teach you the exact science of setting hair:

  • Blowdrys, Straightening with iron

  • Tonging Hair with curling tongs

  • Setting hair with rollers (back winding, heated rollers, spiral curls, pin curl, finger waving)

Hair Extensions

We will teach you all you need to know about hair extensions including:

  • Clip-on hair extensions

  • Tape-in hair extensions

  • Sew-in extensions/weave

  • Fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions

Hair Colour and Gents Haircut (Unit 3)

Hair Colour 

Our comprehensive unit on colour will teach you all you need to know about hair colour. We are not product-dependent in our teaching. Once you learn at IHB, you can work with any product company, as the fundamentals of hair colour never change regardless of product. 

  • Colour Theory

  • First-time colour application​​

  • Root touch up application

  • Global Colour application

  • Highlights with pre-lightening

  • Balayage & Ombre

Gents Hair Cut, Styles and Colour

As a hairdresser, gents haircuts is an important skill as it opens you up to new opportunities. The skills required with gents haircuts are different from ladies haircuts.

  • Clippers

  • Fading

  • Scissors over comb

  • Gents hairstyles

  • Gents hair colour

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