Full Details on IHB's World Class European Hair and Beauty Courses for Sri Lanka.

Classes in English, Sinhala and Tamil

IHB's Courses Are Designed by European Experts Who Set the Standards in Hair and Beauty Worldwide, from London and Milan to Paris.

4 Reasons IHB Courses Are Extremely Different:

Over 300 Hours of Practicals

IHB courses are made in a way that you will receive 80% teacher guided practical training, using your hands on a mannequin or model. This will help you improve your practical skills and prepare you straight away for a good job.

Study Like in Europe

European syllabus courses, without leaving Sri Lanka. IHB courses are made by our staff of international experts, and are recognized in different countries, so you can get a job abroad easily.

Learn Skills to Earn More

IHB courses are made to help you be different, get a job easily, and earn more. The skills you learn from our courses will help you when you start working as they are mostly practical skills, which you can use in the Salon.

Fastest Career Improvement

Our personal mentors will give you guidance on how to start your career in the hair and beauty industry in Sri Lanka, how to improve quickly, and give you a customized plan to have a good career.


Limited Offer Online Classes 

(Must be less than 25 years to be eligible, all island Sri Lanka)


Due to the situation countrywide on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be offering Online Classes for our IHB Diploma Programs for students across Sri Lanka, in all 3 languages (English, Sinhala and Tamil).


Classes will start on the 23rd of August.


The Classes will be conducted by Nayana Karunaratne and all equipment and textbooks required for the IHB Diploma Program will be delivered to you.

Our Online Classes for the IHB Diploma Program will only be offered to a limited number of students, and we would like to mention that there are only a few online seats left.


Delays in registering might lead you to lose your position and online seat.

Please fill in your details below and one of our staff members/instructors will call you to guide you.

Apply for Online Class Here

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Course Details


Beauty Diploma


Payment plans available


4 months 

Course Gives You



Career Guidance


Beauty Diploma Course Syllabus

  • Mandatory Unit - Career Options, Salon Rules and Regulations, Client care, Anatomy, and Physiology)

  • Unit 1 - Makeup (Methods and Techniques, Bridal, Eastern, Western, Stage, and Fantasy)

  • Unit 2 - Skin (Waxing, Threading, Facial Treatments, Beauty Equipment, Skin Care Products

  • Unit 3 - Nail Care (Nail Anatomy, Hands and Skincare,  Acrylic Nail, Gel Nail, Powder Dip, Nail Art)


Hair Diploma

Beginners to bit advanced

Payment plans available

4 Months

Course Gives You



Career Guidance

Hair Diploma Course Syllabus 

  • Mandatory Unit - Soft Skills, Personality, Blowdry, Shampoo and Conditions, Salon Ethics, hygiene, and building creativity)

  • Unit 2- Long Hair Design, Hairstyles, Bridal Hairstyles, Rollers, Crimping Waves)

  • Unit 3 - Haircuts, Permanent Waving and Relaxing

  • Unit 4 - Hair Cuts and Colour


Makeup Diploma


Our Hair Advanced Diploma Courses are done by our international trainers, including experts like Joakim Roos and Nayana Karunaratne.

Right now, we don't have any Advanced Diploma Courses at IHB, but we will let you know when it is available. 

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