Migrate as a beauty professional
Migrate as a Beauty Professional
Migrate to countries like Canada, Australia, etc., more easily with our hair and beauty courses!
This is because IHB is accredited by international organizations and our syllabus covers all the hair and beauty skills required for professional migration.
IHB Education Hair and Beauty School provides transcripts and other documentation you require,at the time of migration.
*Criteria besides the course also need to be fulfilled for migration.
Owning your salon in India
Open Your Own Salon
How amazing would it be to have your own salon in your town or city?
With the strong technical skills you need to be a world-class hairdresser or beautician, we'll also provide you with a set of business skills to realize your dream of being a Salon Owner.
IHB Education Hair and Beauty School will guide you through the process of opening a salon, and your high standards will help differentiate you. 
Compete in World Competitions
Compete in World Competitions
Polish your creative skills and compete with the world's best!
Our beauty courses are set on world standards, allowing you to improve your skills and compete in both local and international competitions.
Plus, we routinely bring down international champions to South Asia, so we can all learn from the world's top performers!
Competitions are a guaranteed way to lift your skills and boost your passion for this beautiful craft even more.  We at IHB Education Hair and Beauty School encourage our students to test their skills
Upgrading your salon in India
Upgrading Your Salon
The key to a successful salon is to regularly update your skills. As a Salon Owner, it is critical to focus on developing your self and your team.
Investing in your team's hair and beauty training and skills will naturally improve the standard of your salon.
Since our hair and beauty courses are job-focused, you will notice the value it brings as soon as they start the course.
IHB Education Hair and Beauty School also consults on other skill areas and knowledge you need to develop your salon.


Hair School student
80% Practical
Practical skills prepare you for the salon environment, and with our courses being 80% practical-based, you'll be set to work professionally as soon as you finish the course. 
Dominique Roberts IHB Make up teacher
International Standards 
Each skill, technique, and all theory will be taught to you according to international standards, so you graduate as a truly world-standard professional with a global outlook to hair and beauty.
Hairdressing school student completing the course
Job Focused
Our courses focus on specific skills you require to work as a professional hairdresser or beautician in an actual salon, allowing you to straight away apply them to your clients in the job setting.


To achieve your career dreams, the first step of course will be to identify the course that's most suitable for you.

The hair and beauty courses are gradual, so you will be able to do one, and then the next stage, without losing any time at all.

A huge advantage we offer is that we will also design a personalized growth chart, which will help you/us closely monitor your progress, to make sure that you are headed in the right direction to achieve your dreams!
Hair Courses 
We offer hairdressing courses in our schools that are all levels for those who want to be hairdressing assistants to hairstylist to advanced professionals

Includes Women's Haircuts, Straightening, Colouring, Perms and many more

Courses Available
Hairdressing Certificate Course
Hairdressing Diploma Course 
Hairdressing Advanced Diploma Course 

For more details on Hairdressing courses including fees, syllabus, duration Courses Click here 
make up course practicing at the school
Beauty Courses 
If you are interested in pursuing a career as a beautician in the industry from a salon assistant, be a trainer, salon owner or freelancer we have the right course for you.

Includes manicure, pedicure, waxing, threading, basic makeup, facials, and many more

Courses Available
Beauty Certificate Course 
Beauty Diploma Course 
Beauty Advanced Diploma Course 

For more details on Beauty including fees, syllabus, duration Courses Click here 
Students and Joakim during the advanced hair course
Makeup Courses
If you want to be a makeup artist we have the right courses. This can include bridal makeup artists, freelancer, working in a salon, or being a makeup trainer

Includes fashion makeup, bridal (western and eastern) makeup, face structures,  pencil techniques, cream technique, eye makeup

Courses Available
Makeup Diploma Course 
Makeup Advanced Diploma 
Nayana Karunaratne IHB Education Founder

Why Did We Start IHB Education?

Why, with all the top class talent across South Asia, have we not made a mark on the global hair and beauty scene? 'It's due to the lack of world-standard education to polish the raw diamonds in our midst', says IHB Education founder Nayana Karunaratne.

IHB's answer? A suite of contemporary, practical-based hair and beauty courses with input from the world's best trainers. This is how we're inspiring a new crop of professionals to place South Asia on the industry map, where it belongs! 

Raising hair and beauty standards across all South Asia will take time. But IHB is in it for the long run, determined to offer education, support, and guidance to professionals, salons, product companies, and others who are a part of this beautiful craft and industry.

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