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Continuous learning is made even more important in the hair and beauty industry as trends, styles, and techniques evolve and change continuously. Although it is challenging to attend physical, in-person classes right now, we should make an effort to participate in at least 1 or 2 online video classes per week.

But remember that just attending these classes won't help you upskill yourself. It is equally important to put to practice what you learned during the week, so that the techniques and tools learned are wired to your brain and your hand-eye coordination is improved.

Similarly, ensure that you find a few good workshops to attend once it becomes practically possible to do so. Master Classes ('Look and Learn' Sessions) are a good option to learn, but also try to attend a few hands-on workshops to receive personal attention from world-standard teachers to make small improvements that show big results.

Remember, the most important habit is to practice the skills and techniques that you absorb in-class or at workshops, so that they become natural to you over time.

If you are new to the industry, make sure you select a reputed institute that will ensure you learn the correct fundamentals as this be your foundation in hair and beauty.

Remember, it's not the certificate that matters, it's what you learn. This will allow you to apply these skills and techniques to your job, so that you can deliver a superior set of hair and beauty services to your customers.


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