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In Nayana's extensive travels across Europe as part of the OMC Hair World Competitions, it suddenly hit her that there was a massive gap in standards between Europe and South Asia. 

As she sought reasons, she quickly identified that the main issue involved the poor level of hair and beauty education that students were exposed to from the onset. And so she dreamed big, really big, and set out to raise the standards of Hairdressing and Beauty across all South Asia, giving hope to enthusiasts such as you and I to compete with the world's best at international competitions.

So what did we do next? We brought down the world's best teachers and trainers in hairdressing, beauty and makeup to design our courses, so that you can enjoy the advantage of the highest quality of international education right in your home country!


Makes You Confident: Trust Your Skills and Yourself No Matter Where You Are

Our contemporary approach to hair and beauty education and the world-standard techniques and skills we impart, will provide you with utmost confidence in your hands, your artistic eye, and yourself, to be on par with industry stars all over the world. This will hold true, whether you stay in your hometown, travel around India or you go to Paris, London, or New York. Guaranteed, the skills and education you absorb will be in line with the very best worldwide. 

Helps You Pick Up Skills and Learn Faster

The world is forever changing, with new trends, styles, colors, machines, and many more being unveiled in the hair and beauty industry all the time. By having a proper foundational education under your belt, including extensive theory knowledge and practical techniques, you'll be able to pick up new trends in hair and beauty and adapt them to the real-world setting effortlessly. 

So You Can Exude Class: Be World Class 

Why do we do what we do at IHB? Well, our dream is to nurture and help develop world-class professionals in the hair and beauty industry, capable of performing at the highest level no matter where in the world they practice their craft. So we hope that, one day, you can gain acclaim as a World-Class Professional in the industry at home and globally, making yourself and all around you proud!


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