One of the coolest advantages of being in the hair and beauty industry is the chance to travel around the country and the world. There are so many opportunities in this industry to travel around the world, whether for hair competitions, fashion shows, training workshops, destination weddings or other requirements. 
Weddings and Fashion Shows
In the hair and beauty industry, you'll receive a lot of opportunities to travel to either work at destination weddings or for fashion shows, where you'll get to demonstrate your talent and unique style to the rest of the world!
Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular now, as couples seek exotic and uncommon locations to host their weddings. From stunning mountain ranges and tropical beaches to the world's top cosmopolitan cities, there are world-class destination wedding locations right across the globe. And increasingly, hairdressers, beauticians, and makeup artists are considered an integral part of the bride and groom's party.

Similarly, wherever fashion is big, you will have top notch fashion shows. Whether Paris, London, Berlin, New York, Sydney or Milan, there are whole industries built around fashion. More recently, Bombay too has been gaining world recognition as a fashion capital. And as a beauty professional, your skills are forever in demand in the fashion industry. Perhaps you'll even be taken to exotic locations for fashion photoshoots. Hair and makeup is a very powerful component in these industries, and therefore the demand for professionals remains strong.

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International Competitions

There is nothing quite like the buzz and energy of taking part in international hair and beauty competitions! There are several top ones held worldwide each year. IHB works directly with the OMC World Championships. This will give you the chance to not only compete with the world's best hair and beauty talent, but also to meet industry professionals from around the world, plus learn the newest styles, techniques, and skills while making new friends.

Competitions are one of the best ways to experience what the global hair and beauty industry is like, while meeting internal industry professionals and heavyweights. The intrinsic joy and value of skill-sharing while being able to improve your creative ability is one of the most profound experiences for most hairdressers, beauticians and makeup artists!

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At IHB Education, we strongly advocate our hair and beauty philosophy of continuous learning to remain at the top of your game throughout. With frequent training workshops, this industry provides you with the opportunity to combine your passion for learning with your passion for travel.


For you to travel, you may be able to do so as a teacher or as a student or both. This industry is a global one, and unlike in many other industries, professionals are always looking to share their skills and experiences so that the industry can grow as a whole. Therefore, there is great knowledge involving hair and beauty, plus the world itself, to be gained when travelling. 

Traveling as a professional hairdresser, beautician or makeup artist is guaranteed. Continue to develop your skills and education so that you may experience your dream of seeing the world. 


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