All the Information You Need to Follow Your Passion for Hair and Beauty as a Career

Those of us who have a passion for hair and beauty are a different lot, a rare breed. Whether an aspiring cosmetology student or a professional hairstylist, there’s something very unique about us hair and beauty enthusiasts. 
In a world full of individuals who’re looking to become lawyers, engineers, or business tycoons, we’re a bunch with a strong love for a craft — one that involves our hands and creativity. There’s something beautiful, romantic, and timeless about this.
But many consider the hair and beauty craft as a career option only momentarily. With the pressure of finding jobs and making money always close by, we opt instead for conventional jobs in IT or marketing or something similar that we know more about. This is because for many of us, the next step to follow the craft we love is unclear. 
With no access to proper information on what the hair and beauty industry actually is, the types of cosmetology courses available, or the best hair school or beauty school around, we put our passion aside and move onto safer career paths. This is normal. Without detailed information on course content, required skills, job potential, or average income, for example, we can’t expect to feel confident about deciding on hair and beauty as a definite path. 

The love and passion for hair and beauty that many of us have, is essential. It may be the most important ingredient to having a rewarding and fruitful career. But without the correct information to hone this interest and to follow our dreams, we can easily get frustrated and choose an alternative as we’re unsure of how to progress along the hair and beauty journey.
That's exactly why we, at IHB, the Institute of Hairdressers and Beauticians, have curated a comprehensive online source of information on hair and beauty, in addition to the courses we offer. Plus, we offer one-on-one online sessions with industry experts who are a part of our faculty, so you can discuss in detail the various aspects of hair and beauty education, suitable courses and the industry as a whole. 
All the tools we've listed above, including this blog post, are geared to help familiarize you with the hair and beauty industry and where to start. As the leader in the region for hair and beauty education plus student consulting, IHB is here to help you make an informed decision, take that first step, and all successive steps, on a way to a long and successful hair and beauty career. 


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