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Whether at one of our centers in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan or Bangladesh, a key part of IHB Education's hairdressing and beauty teaching plus learning experience involves the world-class education methods utilized, contemporary facilities plus equipment, and the European-standard courses offered. It is a learning environment of an extremely high standard, through which some of South Asia's top professionals in hairdressing and beauty have passed, going on to reach the top of their respective specialties involving hairdressing and beauty. 

It is precisely for this reason that at IHB Education in Bangalore, we are offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to 10 deserving students, carefully selected by us based on keenness to enter the industry, professional attitude, skill level, and future potential, to experience up close what the world-renowned IHB Education classroom is like. It is free but we are selective, as we want to ensure only individuals who are genuinely interested in advancing their careers and with the ability to stand out from other professionals, receive this unique FREE HAIRDRESSING AND BEAUTY CLASS opportunity.

We are selective in enrolling students at our academies across India and our academic hub in Bangalore, so as to maintain the high standards of hairdressing and beauty education we are renowned for industry-wide. Because, we aren't simply an institution that produces professionals, but an institution that is keen to continue nurturing professionals who shape the industry and lead other professionals. Those of a different caliber, essentially.

The toughness of selection aside, this is a fun opportunity where you can absorb the refreshing learning and teaching environment IHB India facilitates, with emphasis on European-standard practical skills and real-world application together with contemporary theoretical knowledge.​

So if you feel that you are a cut above the rest and have the necessary passion, skills, and attitude, fill in the form  and an IHB trainer will contact you to have a chat to make sure we are on the same page. Should you qualify for the free class by IHB, be assured that you will experience one of the first steps to building a hugely successful career in hairdressing and beauty, guaranteeing your gradual rise as a top professional in the global industry.

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