Hairdressing Diploma Course 

This hairdressing Diploma Course is a total of 4 months to complete.
 After which the student will need to complete an exam.
At IHB Beauty schools we ensure that 80% of the work you complete is practical. Our course is designed by world-leading experts, so you know the techniques you learn will give you the tools that will help you compete with the worlds best

Course Includes
4 months duration
Text Book
Examination and Certification

Hairdressing Diploma Course Fee
₹ 95,000 Including Exam and Text book

Course Syllabus 
 Mandatory Unit - Soft Skills, Personality, Blowdry, Shampoo and Conditions, Salon Ethics, hygiene, and building creativity)
Unit 2- Long Hair Design, Hairstyles, Bridal Hairstyles, Rollers, Crimping Waves)
Unit 3 - Haircuts, Permanent Waving and Relaxing
Unit 4 - Hair Cuts and Colour


Beauty Diploma Course 

This beauty course is a total of 4 months. After which the student will need to complete an exam so they can obtain the qualification.

At IHB beauty schools we ensure that 80% of the work you complete is practical. Our teachers will provide you with careful guidance to ensure you can start to work straight away. Qualifying as a beautician the base of the knowledge you obtain from the diploma will bring your beauty dreams alive

Course Includes

4-month Duration
Transcript, Examination, and Certification
Career Guidance

Beauty Diploma Course Fee
₹ 75,000 Including Exam and Textbook

Course Content 
  • Mandatory Unit - Career Options, Salon Rules and Regulations, Client care, Anatomy, and Physiology)
  • Unit 1 - Makeup (Methods and Techniques, Bridal, Eastern, Western, Stage and Fantasy)
  • Unit 2 - Skin (Waxing, Threading, Facial Treatments, Beauty Equipment, Skin Care Products
  • Unit 3 - Nail Care (Nail Anatomy, Hands and Skincare,  Acrylic Nail, Gel Nail, Powder Dip, Nail Art)

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