Career Options for Hair and Beauty Professionals in South Asia

With hair and beauty being one of the fastest-growing industries globally especially in India,  Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh, there are numerous career opportunities qualified hair and beauty professionals can select from.
Yes, it is true that the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down this industry as well; however, it is temporary, and the industry is set to get back on its feet quickly. 

With a camera in almost everyone's hands, the need to look our best is a priority at all times. With this, it is reasonable to state that society too has to look their best all the time. What this essentially means is that, the need for hairdressers, beauticians, and makeup artists, plus the demand for personal care products, will continue to grow exponentially in the coming months.

Below, we've listed a few rewarding career paths that you can select from as a hair and beauty professional in South Asia

1. A Salon Professional

The starting point for anyone in the industry is often working at a Salon. This career path presents an opportunity to someone entering the industry to experience working in the Salon environment, which is the very foundation of hair and beauty. Working in a Salon will give you numerous hands-on opportunities to learn and develop the fundamentals plus nuances of hair and beauty in becoming a top professional.

Handling customers and people skills are also a major part of being in the industry. And in your interactions with customers and other individual as part of your work, you will begin to develop a well-rounded personality ideally suited for the industry. 

Within the Salon environment, there are a range of options you can aspire to, from being a Salon Assistant, Senior Stylist/Beautician, and Salon Director, to Salon Head Trainer. In the right salon, your career opportunities will be limitless! 

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2. A Hair and Beauty Trainer 

Teaching is a passion for many, and hair & beauty training offers the perfect opportunity to do so in a dynamic learning environment that is ever-evolving.  In South Asia, we have always put education as one of our pillars of development

With the right education and experience, if you can also carefully develop your training ability and passion for teaching, you'll be well on your way to attaining your aspirations as a trainer!

Across India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, this is a career that is in demand, as customers, schools, and product companies are always on the lookout for top trainers.

This job is more streamlined, plus it generally also includes the benefit of both local and international travel opportunities for training programs and workshops. 

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3. A Bollywood Stylist

With the growth witnessed in the entertainment industry with a greater frequency in the release of movies, advertisements, and photoshoots than ever before, there is a continuous need displayed for hair and beauty professionals for on-site shoots. Working in Bollywood is one of the most exciting career opportunities for hair and beauty professionals! 

The more renowned celebrities have a full-time stylist with them everywhere they go, as they need to look at their best round-the-clock. 

You could be on your way to Bollywood stardom with your hair and beauty talent!

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4. A Product Development/Sales Professional

From top cosmetic lines to personal care brands, companies are now recognizing the value of having salon professionals across their research, marketing and sales teams. The hands-on experience you possess, being on the floor, plus the knowledge and insight you absorb from customers, is truly priceless to the industry. And product companies know and value this.

Renowned product brands frequently recruit salon professionals from the industry in order to develop products that accurately reflect the quality and functionality sought by customers, plus in the development of sales teams that closely understand the needs of the customers. 

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5. A Beauty Influencer 

A relatively new career path, but one that has grown to be quite popular and very lucrative, influencers are found across many different industries. By strategically using social media to generate a following by sharing hair and beauty tips/tricks, you'll open yourself to a whole new career option as a beauty influencer.

There are many hair and beauty professionals who've converted this opportunity into a lucrative career path, as many brands want their name associated with recognized beauty influencers who have valuable hair and beauty knowledge and insight. 
As someone with access to local languages predominant in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan you have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd 

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