Focus on learning Hairdressing/beauty/makeup masterclasses and workshops


While it is important to keep learning and to display to your clients the certificates and awards you've attained, the truth is that these certificates are only a reflection of what you have learned.
 Focus on learning at workshops and events. Your customers want to receive the best version of you in your services. It is you, not your certificates, that can deliver this to them. 

Don’t Forget! You Are the Product.
Work on constantly improving your skill sets as a hairdresser, beautician and makeup artist so you can be the best product the customer can get.
Attending courses is an important factor in your personal development as an artist but what is most valuable is what you learn from the lessons.

Focus Firstly on Learning
Keep it continuous. Don't stop learning!
No matter how talented you are, if you remember this, you will naturally excel at your craft and be able to build a rewarding career in hair and beauty. 

Great Masters Are Always Great Students
All the world's greatest masters in any field understand that they must remain a keen student. They know that if they lose the student mentality, they can no longer remain a great master.


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